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Flexitank cargo

Transportations in flexitanks are used to deliver liquid and bulk cargoes. A special watertight multiwall bag is installed inside the standard container to replace a barrel/tank. It is a great alternative to usual tank containers, suitable for transportation by sea, road or rail.

The main advantages of flexitank:

  • safety and environmental friendliness, no risk of cargo contamination;
  • losses minimization, lower price in comparison with tank containers;
  • no specialized staff are required for loading;
  • fit for transportation of various goods over long distances;
  • does not require intermediate reloading;
  • heated oils can be loaded.
How it works:
  1. The request processing
    We clarify the density, weight and volume of your cargo, select the flexitank type, agree on the route and delivery dates, check and collect documents, discuss additional services.
  2. Cost calculation and harmonizing conditions
    We calculate the cost of transportation, approve related services.
  3. Loading and transportation
    We control loading and unloading, track the location of the container during transportation.
  4. Additional services

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