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Freight transportation by rail is the most efficient option for land transportation for bulky and heavy cargo. Also, it is one of the fastest delivery methods from China (in particular, from its central and northern parts) and the most profitable option for transportation across Ukraine.

The main advantages of container railway transportation:

  • Low tariffs compared to other modes of transportation;
  • No weight restrictions;
  • Maximum safety and reliability at all transportation stages;
  • Independence from weather conditions;
  • The ability to transport any type of cargo.
How it works:
  1. The request processing
    We find out all the cargo features (type, weight, volume), discuss the direction, dates, additional services, documentation.
  2. Logistics
    We calculate in detail and agree on the cost of transportation, book a platform, agree on the conditions for returning the container to the point of departure or your warehouse.
  3. Transportation
    This stage includes registration and containers loading onto a railway platform, shunting operations, delivery to the station and unloading.
  4. Additional services as agreed
    Containers delivery to a warehouse, customs clearance of cargo, etc.

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