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Standard cargoes

Standard (general) cargoes are goods that don’t require special transport conditions (specific containers, temperature, packaging, etc.).

Standard cargo includes grain, building materials, textiles, industrial equipment, household appliances … For these goods fit multimodal transportation in twenty or forty-foot containers (connect different types of transport to take advantage of each of them). In this case, transportation is carried out by one company under one contract, “from door to door”.

How it works:
  1. The request processing
    We find out the cargo properties – type, weight, volume. Clarify the direction and transportation dates, transport type, accompanying documents.
  2. Cost calculation
    We find out possible transportation options and offer you the best solution, calculate the cost and agree on the conditions.
  3. Loading and transportation
    Our experts coordinate the delivery of your cargo to the port or destination, loading and unloading of goods, returning an empty container to the warehouse.
  4. Additional services
    Insurance, storage, forwarding, customs clearance and other services as agreed.

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